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SPAASME to train some consultants in the NWR
The Secretary General at the North-West Governor’s Office called on the participants to concentrate on the task throughout the training session.

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The 1st batch of consultants from the West and North-West Regions of the Support Program of Agricultural and Agrifood Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, (SPAASME), was taking part in a training session at the Regional Delegation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts in Bamenda. The said training session focused on three modules which are, entrepreneurship, engineering consulting and technical training. The latter would be done in Bafoussam in the West Region.

The Inter-Regional Coordinator, El Hadj ISSAH MFETIE, in his address highlighted that the Very Small Enterprises (VSE) were facing some difficulties which included lack of training and incredibility of micro finance. The training programme which ran from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June, aimed at building the capacity of the consultants in order to develop agriculture and the agri-food sector, as well as providing support to those who are doing business in this sector.

During his opening speech, the Secretary General who was speaking in his capacity as Representative of the Governor of the North-West Region, draw the attention of the attendees to the fact that the training session was the national vision to move on our agriculture from the level of subsistence to commercial agriculture. He explained that there were three production basins which are the Centre, the West and the North-West Region which was a venerable zone with numerous VSE hence the financial and non-financial support of the program in the Rural areas. At the end, he called on the participants to put in the best efforts and interest in order to merit the certificates they will receive at the end of the training session.

By Eudoxie KOMLAYO, North-West Region

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