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Bad time for "fungeh" in Bamenda
Vendors and dealers of illicit fuel are licking their wounds after a crack down operation.

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Vendors and dealers in illicit fuel commonly called "fungeh" in Bamenda, regional head quarters of the North-West Region, are licking their wounds after a special crack down operation led by the Regional Delegate of Water and Energy in collaboration with the Regional Delegate of National Security, led to the seizure of some 32.000 liters of petroleum.

The men in black stormed the city today leaving no stone unturned as they invaded parking stores, ware houses and sale points, taking away large quantities of  "fungeh" which is illegally imported into the country.

The Regional Delegate of Water and Energy Resources for the North West, Bossong Antoine, talking to the press at the end of this operation which lasted one week said this illicit petrol is imported mostly from Nigeria and easily smuggled into the North-West through Mamfe, considering that Cameroon has a very large and complicated border. While castigating those dealing in the trade, he reminded them of how dangerous the venture is to their lives and the entire public.

The Governor of the North-West, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, paid a visit to the ware house storing the impounded fuel and said that the sensitization period is over and now  it's time for action, recalling that those involved in this trade of illegally imported fuel in the Region, had been warned before the crack down operation began but did not hid to the warnings.

The Boss of the Region, lauded the efforts of  the Regional Delegate for Water Resources and Energy, the Forces of Law and Order and the entire team, while calling on those who depend solely on this trade for their livelihoods, to find a legal economic activity and trade in it for the growth of the economy.

For the impounded fuel, the chief executive of the Region, said the fuel, after test by a competent team, will be auctioned in the days ahead and the money pumped back into the economy.

By Eileen SAMA, North-West Region

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