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Measures taken ahead of the 1st october 2017
Interview of the Governor granted to Cameroon Tribune about measures taken to guarantee peace and security ahead of the 1st of October 2017 in the North-West Region.

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1.What is the situation of the North-West Region after the street protests staged by some people on September 22nd?

On a global scale, the North-West Region is enjoying relative calm and tranquility in the seven Divisions and thirty-four subdivisions that it has. The population in general is going about its activities hitch free. Movement of people and their properties is fluid. Business men are going about their activities normally and the pupils and children in school are faring well. The street protests staged by some inhabitants of the Region on the 22nd day of September, masterminded by certain enemies of peace, unity, national integration and terrorists (to call them by their name) considerably perturbed tranquility and public order. State symbols, edifices, emblems and Forces of Law and Order were targeted but the Administration as a whole did all it could to avoid a worst-case scenario. So like I said earlier, we strongly condemn what happened. For now, everything is under control and the State and its Institutions are upright and waxing strong.

2. What measures have the administration taken to dissuade other announced protests on Sunday 1st October, 2017?

As far as the announced protests of Sunday the 1st are concerned, a number of measures have been taken at various levels both to dissuade the innocent and ignorant population that is being instrumentalised by secessionists, to check any excesses or abuses and finally to wade off any subversive or insurrectional activities if the threats of the terrorists were to be executed on this day, even before or after.

First of all, the administrative and security measures that were taken prior to the 22nd have been reconducted and even stepped up. Public manifestations have been banned for this day, and movement limited. An operational disposition has been put in place to ensure the security of citizens and their properties.

All the stakeholders have been engaged in the process of dialogue and communication so as to overturn the hate and unpatriotic messages propagated by the activists on different media.

Administrative Authorities, Religious leaders, Traditional rulers, Teachers and parents, men and women of all walks of life have been associated to the de-intoxication campaign that is ongoing. We are hoping that this time around, our parents, brothers, sisters and children will not allow themselves to be used as a shield by those who want to put the State on its knees at all cost. There is a global economic recess and agents of chaos and terrorists are making the ordinary citizens to believe that they can usher in economic and social growth with a magic stick. The innocent citizens come out to the streets because they are sold illusions. Their promises are fake and utopic. No state in the world can just be cut into two like a yam or piece of paper. Like every scam, the population will need time to see the futility of the adventure of these activists.

Let us acknowledge that in their majority, the population of the Region are attached to our Nation and they will not accept that the legitimate expectations the Head of State has already started addressing should be highjacked by extremists or terrorists.

3. What message for the population ahead of 1st October 2017?

Our message is simple and clear. The Authorities that we are have as key mission to protect our citizens and their properties. The preservation of social order, peace, security and national integrity are sovereign prerogatives that go along with the former.

We shall leave no stone unturned to defend these noble objectives.

It is strongly advised that peace loving and law-abiding citizen should stay indoors on this day. However, all necessary dispositions have been taken to weed the bad citizens out of the good and to treat the enemies of the Republic accordingly.

By Choves LOH, Cameroon Tribune

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