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Bamenda honours the National Youth Day
Governor LELE LAFRIQUE congratulated the youths of the North West on their mobilisation for the success of the event in Bamenda.

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Despite the socio political crisis that prevails in the North-West Region, the Governor presided over at the Commercial Avenue ceremonial grounds the march-past, the crowning moment of the activities marking the fifty second edition of the Youth Day celebrated under the theme "Youths, multiculturalism, peace and national unity".

The march-past lasted over an hour, only public schools were present; we noticed the participation of 10 government schools and 13 secondary schools notably an active participation of GBHS BAYELLE with its numerous deeps of students. While in higher and vocational institutions, only two of them were represented : the University of Bamenda and CENAJES Bamenda. The only political party present was the committed  youths of CPDM who  handed over a symbol of peace to the Governor during their march past.

This edition was full of innovations at the regional level ;   the opening bouquet came out with 34 Cameroonian flags; this figure represented all the subdivisions of the North West Region while the opening bouquet was made up of a square of 20 youths wearing traditional attires, representing the four cultural spheres  of Cameroon and the participation of the  youth of public services who portrayed their commitment for development. At the end, Ecole Publique Francophone of Army Camp, GBHS BAYELLE, HTTC Bambili and CENAJES came at the top position respectively, in basic education, secondary education,  higher institutions, and professional schools.

The Governor congratulated the stakeholders for their contribution to the success of the event. He equally called on them to  work together to build a new future based on  multiculturalism and  bilingualism in order to bring back the situation to normalcy in the North West Region.

By Eudoxie KOMLAYO, North-West Region

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