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Expected PB Hev Netbook already at UBa
The students the University of Bamenda(UBa)thanked the Head of State for the donation of laptops.

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After the University of Dshang, it was the turn of the University of Bamenda to receive part of the total of 500,000 laptops donated by the President of the Republic, His Excellency PAUL BIYA to the Cameroonian students in higher institutions.
The official handing over was done personally by the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Professor Jacques FAME NDONGO in the hall of the newly constructed restaurant of the said Institution in the presence of a crowd of students eagerly looking forward to get their computers.

During his key note address, the Minister called on the students to make good use of the laptops by being patriotic internet users working for Cameroon’s development.

Happy tudent from UBa with their brand new studying tool

The vice Chancellor, Professor Theresia NKUO-AKENJI expressed her gratitude to the donner for his irreversible commitment to make the University of Bamenda a world class citadel of excellence. The laptops, she said were a sign of hope as regard as the many difficulties the teaching-learning process is facing in her institution.

Worth mentioning here that, Paul BIYA Higher Education Vision Laptops (PB HEV) will facilitate students’ connection to the global cyber space by helping them access more and more knowledge and resources. Moreover, the remaining computers should be handed over on the following day in accordance with the Minister’s instructions.

Souvenir photograph with the MINESUP

By Eudoxie KOMLAYO, North-West Region

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