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MINAT extends Paul Biya's Special Amnesty to Terrorist Groups
Cameroon's Minister of Territorial Administration, His Excellency Paul Atanga Nji, has revealed that the head of state His Excellency, Paul Biya, always opened for frank and authentic dialogue, has granted a special AMNESTY to all former separatists in NOSO.

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Speaking shortly after a security meeting with SDO's and DO's, at Ayaba hotel on Saturday March 23, 2019, the Territorial Administration boss, announced that the Head of State's largess if ignored to drop down their weapons, will be forced to disarmed and at the same time compelled to face the law.

To those he referred to as "repentant former separatist fighters", Minister Paul Atanga Nji, echoed that they will be seen as prodigal sons and daughters and will be empowered after being trained in some already created vocational centers by the disarmament commission, so as to be reintegrated hitch free back into the society.

In a special way, the Head of State's messenger to the North-West, explained that thanks to President of the republic, more than 2 000 bilingual teachers have been recruited and many sons and daughters have been appointed to lucrative positions from both the North-West and South-West Regions of the country.

Reminding the population that His Excellency Paul Biya, has created a Common Law department at ENAM and also a Common Law bench at the Supreme court, with the appointment of Anglophones as the president and dispatching several English magistrates to work in those domains in the Region.

The Minister of Territorial Administration, used the press briefing to call on North-westerners to collaborate with law enforcement officers as they carry out their duties in maintaining peace and order.

By Laarry UCHENNA, North-West Region

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