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Covid-19 Vaccination : The regional campaign is launched!
The Governor encouraged public servants to get vaccinated in order to preserve the State Human Resources; he was speaking during the launching of the national vaccination campaign against COVID 19 in the North West Region.

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The Courtyard of the North West Governor's Office hosted the medical team from the Bamenda Regional Hospital that came to administer the first vaccines against COVID-19 to the state human resources within the public service.

The event, highly attended by most of the head of local administration and  deconcentrated state services was chaired by the Governor of the North-West Region.

In his speech, the Regional Delegate for Public Service and Administrative Reforms emphasized on the relevance to get vaccinated by explaining that COVID-19 is still ravaging humanity which is facing a third and more deadly variant. He disclosed that 99 % of COVID-19 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic were persons who were not vaccinated and barrier measures introduced by the world Health Organization and the government were more or less observed. The initiative is aimed at curbing the spread of the virus in our community by attaining a reasonable level of collective immunity of 80 %.

While till reiterating in his launching speech that the vaccine though not mandatory is advisable for the wellbeing of our community, the boss of the North-West Region public servants said that vaccine is the key of success for state human resources to render permanent and good quality services to users. He also pointed out that human resources have been decimated by the ongoing socio political crisis hence the necessity to preserve the latter through vaccination.

The vaccination campaign will be operational in the North-West Region from the 10th November till the 10th December 2021 and those targeted are public servants and those who are already on retirement.

By Eudoxie KOMLAYO, North-West Region

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