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RECAN NW 2019 : Highlights on day 3
The Governor of the North-West Region once more has saluted the effort of those involved in the organization of the 4th Edition of RECAN in the North-West Region.

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Day three at the ongoing National Artistic and Cultural Season relaunch (RECAN 2019) taking place at the Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture for the North-West Region, was dedicated to the following domain: Well-being and Aesthetics, Street arts, Fashion and Design, and Beauty Contest to select Mister and Miss RECAN 2019 for the North West Region was the top on the agenda.

Parading before the Governor H.E Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the Delegate of Arts and Culture, Dr Hilarion Wirdzeka Faison, the 10 candidates (5 Misters and 5 Misses) showcased their know how in the modeling field with each of them appearing with different outfits which exposes the culture of the North-West Region and beyond. At end of the highly attended contest, Mister Fondop Nana Bryan and Miss Che Akongwi Lum were proclaimed respectively Mister RECAN NW 2019 and Miss RECAN NW 2019. 

Miss and Mister RECAN NW 2019 with Governor Lele Lafrique

The Governor of the North-West Region H.E Adolphe Lele Lafrique Who presided over the colourful ceremony, at the end appreciated the efforts of the organizers and said that what he saw is a sign of a strong message that young ones from the Region are sending to the entire National, the living together in Cameroon can be rebuilt through our Culture.

Prisico Diko and Bumu Bernard CEOs of SHOSA and ELFRI-NEAT EMPIRE Modelling agencies respectively appreciated the turnout at the end of event and prayed for more of such events in Bamenda. 

RECAN 2019 in Bamenda closes its doors on Saturday October 12, 2019.

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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