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2023 State Budget: CFA 69.01 Billion for our Region
Annual budget for 2023 of the North West Region runs on a budget of over 69.01 billion that was disclosed during the launching ceremony of the 2023 financial year chaired by Governor Adolphe LELE LAFRIQUE this day in Bamenda.

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The North-West Region will operate with a global envelope of 69.01 billion FCFA which will be distributed as follows: billion 15 806 for recurrent expenditures excluding salaries while 53 204 billion FCFA will be used for investments. 

The meeting centred on some presentations during which each budgetary stakeholder enlightened the audience on the main innovations of the 2023 financial year. 

Talking to the press, Mr ACHU, head of mission from the Ministry of Finance emphasized that the budget has priority projects to tackle; these were road network including the completion of the Ring Road project, improvement of roads within Bamenda the regional headquarters as well as other development projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the populations of North-West Region like solar street lights in Wum, Menchum electrical dam etc.

Governor's opening speech

During his launching speech, the Governor congratulated the various budgetary stakeholders of the Region on the impressive 2022 budgetary execution rate which recorded a commendable 88.05% score despite the extreme conditions marked by the prevailing socio political crisis and the controlled COVID-19 challenges. Actors of the execution of the budget were encouraged to step up efforts to meet 100% score this current financial year.

On a positive note, he acknowledged the implementation of the Decentralization process in the North West Region under the Special Status; especially at the level of local councils and with the full and active implementation of the North West Regional Assembly and the Public Independent Conciliator.

Governor Adolphe LELE further reassured stakeholders that the liquidity issues at the level of the treasury were gradually easing up thereby ameliorating the execution of some projects as well as the ordinary running of administrative services unlike in previous years.

By Eudoxie KOMLAYO, North-West Region

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