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Football : The Governor hails the qualification of 2 new NW Teams.
Governor Lele lafrique has handed over President Paul Biya's special token to Vision Sport FC and Foncha Street FC respectively qualified for Elite 1 and 2.

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Region, received the two teams at the esplanade of his office on this Monday October 14, 2019. 

During that brief but colorful ceremony, the secretary General of FECAFOOT Northwest, Mr Ndi Tsembom Elvis, gave a review on how Vision sport FC and Foncha Street FC journeyed to qualify for the Female league 1 and the Male league 2 championships respectively. He equally mentioned that out of 8 referees that our Region sent for Promotion at the  national level, 6 were effectively promoted, this making the North-West Region to have the highest number of professional referees in the Country.

Taking the floor, the Governor on his part started by congratulating  FECAFOOT North-West for their brilliant performance in less than one year in office, qualifying not just one but two teams to play in the professional league despite the challenges that engulf the Region. Before handing over the President Paul Biya's special package of  One Million (1 000 000 Fcfa) each to the teams, the Governor congratulated and challenged them to bring more glories to the Region just as Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda made the Region Proud in 2013 by backing home the most prestigious Cup of Cameroon.

Family photograph with the 2 teams and FECAFOOT/NW Officials

The Vice Captain of Vision Sport FC Claris Akwe Ngeh and the Captain of Foncha Street FC Chianain Terence in the same lane and oon behalf pf their respective teams, appreciated the gift and pleaded that there is need of a playground for them to exercise what they know best(Football).

Responding to their cry on the need of a playground, Governor Adolphe Lele lafrique announced that he head a serious working session earlier today on that question before stating that in two weeks from now something will be done to put an end to the stadium issue. The Governor further announced that the land to host the Omisport stadium has been chosen already and that a team from FECAFOOT will in the Region, in the days ahead descend to confirm and validate the stadium that will host the league this season.

Vision Sport FC ladies and Foncha Street FC join Yong Sport Academy and  PWD of Bamenda, Making it a total of 4 teams to play the professional league in Cameroon this football season from the North-West Region. 

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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