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RECAN 2019 in Bamenda.
For 5 days, artists in the North-West Region exhibited their arts at the 4th edition of RECAN.

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Artists in the North-West Region from Tuesday October 8 to Saturday October 12, 2019  showcased their Know how in arts and culture at the 4th edition of the National Artistic and Cultural Season Relaunch (RECAN) at the regional delegation of arts and culture of the North-West Region.

Activities marking this year's edition of RECAN was celebrated under the theme: "Contribution of the arts and culture sub-section in the constant consolidation of unity, peace and harmonious living together for an emergent Cameroon". 

The close 1000 artists, men and women of Culture, where divided into 23 federations and each of them had a day to demonstrate their arts to the visitors. After the opening ceremony by Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique on day one, His presence was felt all through the the week. Wednesday October 9, the Governor was amazed with the quality of movies produced in Cameroon precisely from the North-West Region, he joined other filmmakers and fans to watch the projection of a couple of Cameroonian movies.

Another high moment at RECAN 2019 was on Thursday October 10, with election of mister and miss RECAN 2019 for North-West Region and presentation of some home made designs by designers from the Region.

Miss and Mister RECAN 2019 in Bamenda

Friday October 11, was dedicated to the art and culture grand conference, during which artists and lovers of arts and culture, had the opportunity to air out their worries on how artists are being treated and the way forward. Equally on this same day traditional games were projected to the amusement of the visitors.

The last day Saturday October 12, witnessed the performance of over 30 artists in a live musical show. At the end of a successful event, the Regional Delegate of Arts and Culture, Dr Hilarion Wirdzeka Faïson hailed the works of the Artists and promise to take special consideration to their worries, especially that of copyrights and grants which has been their main problems in the past.

To the artists RECAN 2019 was an avenue for them to expose their arts and equally gave them the opportunity to make new contacts which they say will help improve the arts and culture in the country. The artists equally prayed that such events, should regularly come up in order to keep the Region alive especially in the domain of arts and culture.

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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