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Evaluation of Projects by RDP in Donga Mantung
The Governor was accompanied by members of the European Union as well RDP authorities.

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On the 10th of June 2013, the Governor of the North West Region and Chairperson of the steering committee of the Regional Development Program, RDP-North West evaluated projects carried out by the RDP in Donga Mantung Division.

The Governor was accompanied by members of the European Union as well RDP authorities. The projects visited included the newly constructed Primary school, Ndu, the newly constructed health center at Mangu and the milk production and transformation unit at Mbot, the Tfu Tfu water project and the bridge under construction project, Dumbu.

During the visit to the newly constructed Health center, the Mayor of the Ndu Council thanked the government and RDP for executing projects in Ndu municipality. Some of the projects executed are; the construction and equipment of two classrooms at GSS Njilah,construction and equipment of seven classrooms at G.S Ndu, rehabilitation of a 28 km farm to market road and a host of other projects.

He however appealed that other projects should be executed in Ndu East and West in order to justify the policy of Balanced Development. He cited some important projects such as the Ndu-Ngarum and Ntumbaw-Ngarbuh roads which if rehabilitated will greatly improve the economic life of the inhabitants.

The Governor Presiding the RDP Steering Committee in NKAMBE

The Chairman of the Management Committee of the Mangu Integrated Health Center on his part recalled that the Health Center shall forever remain the pride of the Mangu people and Ndu Sub Division. Despite this accomplishment, the Chairman was quick to mention some of their preoccupations which were; the need to post more qualified personnel to the institution, the need to rehabilitate the road linking Mangu the environs and the District hospital Ndu, the need to extend electricity from the existing high tension line from Wowo,the urgent need to rehabilitate the Mangu pipe borne water supply and the need to rehabilitate and replace the dilapidated buildings and broken equipment of G.S Mangu.

In order to demonstrate their appreciation for the new structure, the Chairman of the Committee declared that the first baby boy born after the inaugural ceremony will be named Adolf Lele Nfor Lafrique Deben.

The next visit was at the Kinemshi Dairy Produce and Marketing Cooperative Society at Mbirboh-Mbot Nkambe which is the only dairy cooperative in Donga Mantung Division. It has an enrolment of thirty five members, ten farm families and twenty eight cows.

The President of the cooperative, Dogo Emanuel said the processing unit has created economic activities in Nkambe and Ndu sub Divisions. He mentioned that the Kinemshi Dairy Cooperative has been operating for a month but has recorded remarkable achievements including the rich experience in cow/calve management and a sound knowledge in sharing and caring. He however was quick to add that if additional animals or pure breed cows are acquired they shall meet up with their target.

Other visits included the Tfu Tfu water project in Donga Mantung and the bridge under construction, Dumbu.

The Steering Committee which later held a meeting was a forum for members to comment on the field visit and the presentation of the program budget No.3

The projects realized were satisfactory.

By Francisca DIONE, North-West Region

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