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Handing over of command in Mbengwi
Highlights of the installation ceremony of the newly apppointed Senior Divisional Officer for Momo Division, M. Fouda Etaba Nicaise.

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"Dear parents,  please talk to your children,  the future of this nation that they should come back like the prodigal son to join the family for the father is ready to give them new opportunities and involve them in nation building. There is no home, family, society without problems but we all have individual and collective responsibilities to solve our problems. Therefore, give your full and unflinching support to your new SDO so that Momo Division regains it's glorious days!", Governor Lele Lafrique said in his installation speech at the Mbengwi's ceremonial ground.

Highlights of the installation ceremony of M. Fouda Etaba Nicaise (who replaces in command M. Monono Absalom Woloa) in our photo gallery here : >>Click here to see the pictures.

From left to right : New SDO Fouda Etaba, Governor Lele Lafrique, Outgone SDO Monono Woloa

By Guy ZINGUI, North-West Region

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