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NW Elites to sensitize their people over the outcome of the MND
The Governor and Senior Divisional officers have pledged their support to Regional Peace Campaign Caravan team as they embark on the love, peace and reconciliation mission.

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The second meeting with the Regional Peace  Campaign caravan team headed by Christian Cardinal Tumi, with Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique, Senior Divisional officers and top security officers of the Region on Monday November 18, 2019 at MINEPAT Hall was aimed at expressing security challenges as the Divisional Delegations prepare to go to the field to preach the message of love, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness as re-echoed by the Regional Chairperson Christian Cardinal Tumi.

The chairperson beg on the delegates to be soft spoken and be gentle in their approach, reminding them that most of them going down to the field are civil servants, which means that they are servants to civilians and should be ready to listen to the civilians who logically are their masters. He added that no matter their rank in the society, they should be very careful the way they address the people, being gentle and shouldn't impose on the people but rather seize the occasion to educate them on what they are ignorant about.

The Cardinal ended by reciting a poem on Patriotism, that they used recite while in primary school : "I vow to thee my country, all earthly things above in tire and hold in perfect the service of my land, the love that never falters, the love that stands the test, the love that make undaunted, the final sacrifice of my country".

The head of the of the different Delegations were given the floor to air their challenges in the presence of their Senior Divisional officers as prepared to go down to the field, most of them expressed the need of security given the present situation in most of their divisions. They equally cried fault that it was so early and prompt for them to go down to the field without any ground preparations. They added that most of them are politicians and are directly involved in the upcoming municipal and legislative elections and their presence in the field might be misinterpreted by the people. But notwithstanding they are all prepared to go down to their respective division preach the message of love, peace and reconciliation no matter the cause.

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In response to their challenges the Senior Divisional officers pledge their total support and reassured the security of the delegates as they embark on this very important mission. To the issue of time, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique said that, there is no appropriate time as time won't wait for nobody. He appreciated the elites who are determined to go to field for this very important mission, the Governor reminded them that the highly crave peace in the North West Region won't come from Yaounde. 

The Chief Executif Officer of the Region instructed the Senior Divisional Officers to call and give datelines to all the traditional rulers who left because of the crisis to regain their villages so as to spit up the peace and reconciliation process, he acknowledged that fear has become a factor in the Region and that if this is taken away then, the crisis will be given a befitting burial in the nearest future. Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique said that the program the caravan as instructed by the Prime Minister Head of Government will be implemented and that he will be partisan to any of them that will go back to Yaounde without reaching out to their respective divisions.

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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