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Presidential Gifts : Gov Lele Kicks-off the distribution.
The Governor of the North-West Region H.E Adolphe Lele Lafrique handed over to IDPs in Bamenda and some Nursing mothers at the Bamenda Regional hospital the gift from Presidential Couple.

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Tuesday December 31, the last day in the year 2019, was a very tough and busy day for the Chief Executive Officer of the Region Adolphe Lele Lafrique who among other duties, moved around the town to distribute the presidential gift of relief materials to some Internally Displaced Persons. The first stop for the distribution was at the esplanade of the Governor's office, where about a thousand families had gathered to received the gift from the President of the Republic and spouse Chantal Biya. The first 300 families out of the 40,000 families who are expected to benefit from the gift in the Region, where served by the Governor. At the end of the exercise, the Governor made the following remark: 

"I have started giving out the special gift from the Presidential couple to the IDPs in the North-West Region, and as I past round to hand over these items, a baby came to me, this is a sign telling us that there is hope, more hope for all of us come 2020 in the North-West Region. We have had a very busy 2019 with many events, some good and others bad, but at the end, the security is being stabilized and is under the full control of the Administration and the Forces of Law and Order, the population is becoming more and more collaborative, the elites are coming back, those in the diaspora came home to celebrate their weddings, meaning that there is hope, and the baby am carrying, her smile is telling us that they is hope coming into the Region" end of quote.

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique before leaving for mile 3 Nkwen where the other distribution had been programmed, announced that 87 Cameroonians refugees alongside some ex-fighters from Nigeria and that more others are expected to return back home in the days ahead. This was highly applauded by the IDPs hearing that their brother and sister who ran to Nigeria are now coming back home.

At the CBC mile 3 Nkwen football field, 300 families were equally served by the Governor. while sharing the gifts, He called on the IDPs to be responsible as they all contribute for the return of peace in the Region. The representative of IDPs in Bamenda 3, used the occasion to thank the Presidential Couple for such a gesture, while hoping for more in the nearest future. He promised the Governor that they will continue to preach the good news of peace so that their brothers and sister still in the bushes will laid down their arms and regain normal lives.

Some IDPs waiting to officially receive the Presidential Gift

The Governor's convoy left to the Bamenda Regional hospital. At his arrival at the hospital, he and his entourage were directed to the maternity ward. Unfortunately the internally displaced woman from Lebialem who had given birth to triplets had been discharged earlier in the day, other babies with a set of 3 twins and other babies benefited from Presidential Gifts.

The Director of the Bamenda Regional hospital Dr Denis Nsame Nforniwe significantly received other gifts made of blankets, buckets, cartoons of soap from the hands of the Governor.

At the end, Dr Denis Nsame thank the Head of State and Wife for remembering the 32 mothers who had given birth at the Regional hospital and promised that Internally Displaced mother of the triplets from Lebialem will be served with the gift from the H.E Paul Biya and wife Chantal Biya.

The Director of the hospital further exclaimed that the Bamenda Regional hospital is a reference Hospital in the Region with more than 500 committed staff, with 42 Doctors and 25 Specialists working 24/7 in order to serve the population of the Region and beyond.

The convoy of the Governor left the hospital at 6:50pm for His residence, where he had a rendez-vous with his entourage and the Press to follow the end of year address of the Head of state to the Nation.

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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