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Ex-Amba fighters : Launching of the reintegration process in Bamenda.
The reintegration process has been launched at the Bamenda Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration Center by the Special Adviser of the Prime Minister M. Fonye Francis alongside the Governor and other top officials in the North-West Region.

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The Bamenda Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration center received the first 2 ex-combatants precisely on Tuesday December 27, 2018. Since then the number has been increased steadily and as of now the Center is hosting 62 ex-fighters 55 Boys, 7 girls and a 2 years old Baby.

The North-West Regional coordinator for the DDR Mr Gabsa Nyugha Sixtus in his welcome address said that in one year, the center has been able to work on deradicalization, categorization, profiling, Psycho-Spiritual support, the center has beef up the the pedagogic and vocational competencies in poultry, big raring, gardening just to name but this. He further said that in one year, the ex-fighters have received lessons on Patriotism, livelihood and Leadership skills. Mr Gabsa stressed on the fact that most of the center's expenditure is in the domain of health given the condition that some of the ex-fighters arrived with at the Center.

The Regional chief used the occasion to outline some difficulties faced at the center; Inadequate space for accommodation, the rooms need more beds of vary sizes and cupboards, the need for a fence round the center in order to check the movements of persons in and out of the Center, more specialised staff to handle deracalization, detoxification and psycho-social follow up. Given the vulnerable health condition of the Ex-fighters, there is need for a steady ambulance at the center and a paramedical staff. At the end of his address Mr Gabsa appealed to those still in the bushes to laid down their arms and get to the DDR center where their future will be guaranteed, he added that the reintegration process will go a long way to motivate those still in the bushes.

Family photograph with some ex-fighters

Representing the National Coordinator of the Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration, was Mr Obame Jean-Claude, who carried the message of the National Coordinator Mr Fai Yengo Francis to the DDR center in Bamenda. After thanking the authorities, staff and the Ex-fighters for their close collaboration, he announced that it was time for the Ex-fighters to be reintegrated into society and that its will not be on the basis of competition, but that all those who have past through that DDR center will be reintegrated into the society according to their competencies and personal skills. Mr Obame made it clear that this batch of Ex-fighters will be the first leave the DDR center and shall be handled as eggs and that the DDR center has as duties to take care of them, given that the future of the center depends on how this batch will be managed. He added that the Ex-fighters will need official documents given that most of them lost these documents during the crisis.

On his part the representative of the Prime Minister, Mr Fonye Francis in his address recalled that the Head of State H.E Paul Biya created the DDR centers in the Far North, South West and the North West inorder to get lasting solutions to the crisis in this Regions. To the Ex-fighters in Bamenda the representative of the PM said that they have been empowered with skills in different domains which will eventually make them to be independent and are expected to be responsible hard working citizens and are ready participate in development process of the Nation. He announced that the Ex-fighters will be integrated into different job placements accordingly in the most equitable manner, considering those who have been in the center for a longer period of time.

At the tail of his address he congratulated the  Ex-fighters for their patient and responsibility throughout their stay at the center and equally used the opportunity to call on those still in the bushes to laid down their arms and accept the hand of fellowship extended to them by the President of the Republic H.E Paul Biya.

The Ex-fighters used the ceremony to showcased their talents in singing and dancing to the amazement of the their guests

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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