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Feb 9th polls : CPDM Grand Rally in Bamenda
The Secretary General at the Central Committee of the CPDM, has Challenged militants to be peaceful as they go out to convince electorates to vote for their party at the twin elections build for February 9, 2020.

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The call was made this January 29th 2020 at the Bamenda Congress Hall during grand political rally chaired by Secretary General of Central Committee of CPDM party, Minister Jean Nkuete.

In his keynote address the Secretary General challenged party militants to learn in being with the people given CPDM is not bias party.

He applause the support of the NWR in the organization and participation at the Major National Dialogue presided over by the Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute and Minister Felix Mbayu. While calling on the party militants to through-weight behind the President of the Republic for a strong majority resulting from the Major National Dialogue in the National Assembly and Councils so that the Special Status will be fully implemented in the NW/SW Regions to show the head of state that he embodies the unity and consolidates it.

Not being indifferent, the Secretary General decried the atrocities committed within the Region by separatists fighters. The burning of property, school boycott amongst others can't be the solution, he caution militants to be peace ambassadors and tell the people what the CPDM has been doing so far as they go out on the field to campaign.

On his part, the Regional group leader of the CPDM party in the North West Region, Philemon Yang explained to the militants the reasons behind the convergence at the party's birth place which were to; campaign for all candidates and to celebrate peace in the region adding that despite peace for the moment is not perfect, the militants should continue the search for peace to be attained at 100%, while praying for a peaceful academic year and that party militants should continue preaching peace so that those in the bushes should get the message and embrace peace. Mr Yang encouraged party militants to use the elections to serve as prove to the embrace of a new Cameroon. The strategy of campaign as explained by the regional team leader is different from that of the other eight regions in that the NW/SW Regions will enjoy the Special Status.

2020 CPDM Grand Rally in Bamenda
CPDM militants during the Grand Rally in Bamenda

With regards to the Special Status granted the two english speaking Regions, the Councils have been given greater advantages and more power while the Regions will have greater autonomy by managing many sectors which were formally taken care of by the Government ministries in Yaounde, which is close to decentralization. There will be a Regional Assembly and a Regional Executive Council. The regional assembly will consist of two houses which will have as aim to improve the quality of debate and resolve on deliberations.

It should be recall that for some time now the CPDM has not pulled such a huge crew in their recent rallies in the Region, this indicating that things are slowly getting back to normal in the North west. The political rally came to an end hitch free as all security major were put in place.

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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