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Launching of PIB 2020 in Bamenda
The sum of 48 Billion FCFA has been allocated for development projects in the North West region.

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The amount was adopted during a launch of the Public Investment Budget dubbed PIB for the Region for the year 2020 to carryout priority projects like the ring-road and the Babadjou - Bamenda road.

The launch of the PIB was a reminder to the stakeholders entangled in the budgetary proceedings about the fundamentals of its execution. While launching the PIB for the North West Region, Mr Patrice Lumumba who is Chief of Mission from the Ministry of Finance said the year 2020 has come with a lot of innovations. "There's an ongoing strategy to enable this Region to catch up with projects which have not been executed from the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. They are going to be put in a special package and redistributed to enable the Region catch up with even projects that were started and some of them vandalized". 

In 2019, the North-West Region was awarded 578 projects amongst which 183 of the projects were executed, 121 ongoing and 278 yet to be started. The decimal execution of these projects as according to the heads of public services stems from the transfer of credit, immaturization of some projects and the socio-political crisis.

" The Governor of the North-West Region represented by his Secretary General Mr Viang Mekala while presiding at the launch exalted the service heads concerned, to be actively engaged in the project execution by returning to their posts of duty while assuring them of heightened security. This year’s budget in the region has witnessed some significant innovations to ensure a hitch free implementation of the regions development package.

Launching of the 2020 PIB

To the Regional Delegate of MINEPAT HRH Chief Oto Dominic Asaah Yenai, the low execution rate of projects in the North-West Region is as a result of the socio-political situation in the Region, "The immaturisation of some projects for example the project of the construction of the Regional Delegation of Basic Education where we had 200 million, attribution was done just about two weeks ago linked to what we call maturation element. The commercial banks which accepted their willingness to work with any contractors in the execution of projects and once projects are awarded, we turn round and don’t see these commercial banks accompanying the contractors. For 2020, we received a total of 48 billion FCFA commitment authorization and 47 billion payment appropriation as compared to 2019 where we received 43 billion so we have an increase of 8.26% as per the PIB increase in the region." Chief Oto went further to enumerate some of the key projects for this year 2020 which includes; the second access to the Bamenda town worth 1 billion, Bamenda-Enugu road having a bridge across the Cross-river worth 6.2 billion, phase one of the construction of the Governor's banquet hall at his residence worth 100 million, 100 m under MINEPAT for the drawing up of the sustainable development plan for the North-West Region, 600 million as commitment authorization and 100 million as payment of appropriation for the construction of the Regional Delegation of Agriculture NWR, 6.2 billion for LIFIDEP, 450 million for investments at the level of MIDENO and 1.4 billion for GP-DERUDEP, 620 million for infrastructure at the university of Bamenda, Regional Delegation of Basic Education continuation of its construction 170 million and 130 million for the construction of a pedagogic block at GTHS Jinikejem among other projects.

As concerns administrative rents, it was mentioned that the displaced payment of rents which refers to any payment of rents made in a place other than the area where the rented building is domiciled, remains prohibited while the ministry of Housing shall therefore make an assessment of the rents payable by Regions.

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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