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The North-West Region responded positively to the call for vote
The highly awaited Municipal and Legislative elections has effectively taken place in all corners of the North-West Region hitch free.

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Voting in polling stations in Bamenda were opened at 8am as stipulated by the law, the Minister of Territorial Administration H.E Paul Atanga Nji alongside Governor of the North-West Region Adolphe Lele Lafrique and most administrators of the Region casted their votes at upstation Bamenda.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Region immediately after casted his vote, boarded an helicopter enroute to Oku in Bui division, the Governor was satisfied with the turnout of electors Who came out in their numbers to cast their votes. Amongst the voters in Oku was the former Prime Minster Philemon Yang who casted his vote in his homeland.

View of a vote center in the Region

From Oku the Helicopter carrying the Governor and his entourage landed in Nkambe Chief town of Donga Mantung Division, where the Governor applauded the turnout of the population who'd massively turnout to chose their parliamentarian and their councillors for the respectively councils in the Division. From Donga Mantung, the Governor visited other Divisions to assess the outcome of the 2020 legeslative and municipal elections.

Reports from various polling  station in the Region indicates that the elections went hitch free, and the official results will be announce in the days ahead.

By Arnaud KOUAMO, North-West Region

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