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Peace Corps at the Brick House
The Governor of the North-West Region received a courtesy visit of a delegation of Peace Corps in BAMENDA Headed by Mr ALOBWEDE Peter, Regional Coordinator.

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The visit was aimed at presenting the new volunteers of that NGO whose headquarter is situated in the United States of America. In this light, they invited the Governor to attend the First Annual U.S Peace Corps - MOGHAMO Festival scheduled to take place in BATIBO (MOMO Division) on the 30th of November this year.

During this courtesy visit, Mr. LELE LAFRIQUE Adolphe took the floor to express his appreciation with regards to their activities and also ceased the opportunity to briefly present to them the North-West Region, its mineral potentialities with the presence of iron ore, gold and stones (mainly used for the manufacturing of gravel). He also talked about the ring road project, the KATSINA and MENCHUM dam projects whose realisations will lift up the life level of the beneficiary populations and that of the north-west region as a whole. He revealed that his main focus within the Region is peace building, maintaining and keeping. That's why he is planning, after the 30th September elections results, to organise a working session on the aforementioned issues. He has by the same occasion given an invitation to his visitors that are skilled in those fields, to be part of the working session as contributors.

After his speech, the members of Peace Corps manifested their gratitude for the time the governor granted to them by receiving them so warmly. They also presented to the Governor the missions and objectives of the Peace Corps. They accepted the invitation of the Governor to take part in the working session he intend to do and shared with him a glass of “matango” (locally made palm wine) brought by them in sign of integration and friendship.

By Guy ZINGUI, North-West Region

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