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Installation of the NWR's Head of Ex-Service Men
KOUMPA Issa officially installed the NWR Divisional Head of Ex Service Men and War Victims

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On the 12th of November 2013, the Secretary of State in charge of Ex Service Men ad War Victims, KOUMPA Issa officially installed the Divisional Head of Ex Service Men and War Victims.

The ceremony took place at the Congress Hall and was attended by the Governor of the North West Region, military officials and a good number of ex service men.

The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Nji Ndumu while welcoming all present, commended the Head of State, President Paul Biya for matching words with action by appointing Secretary of State in charge of Ex Service men, a promise the Head of State made during the 50th anniversary of the armed forces. He added that due to the influence of Ex Service Men has contributed to the reduction in crime wave and enjoined them to organize common vigilante groups where their expertise will be needed.

The Secretary of State in charge of Ex Service Men and War Victims on his part expressed appreciation to all who gave him unconditional support during his tenure of office as Governor of the North West Region and asked his collaborators to do same.

The Secretary of State with some Ex-Service Men at Bamenda

He recalled that the Secretariat of State for Ex-Service Men is a concrete demonstration of the political will of the Head of State to show the nation’s gratitude to those who sacrificed themselves to her.

He equally disclosed that the state secretariat has central and external services. The external services are made up of ten(10) Regional Divisions and twenty eight(28) Divisional Units and the Divisional Heads will be appointed in the months ahead.

The newly installed Divisional Head of Ex Service Men and War Victims, Colonel MEUANZE Christopher was born on the 12th of September 1961 in Baba I in Ngoketunjia Division. He chose his career in the armed forces and got enrolled in at EMIA where he graduated in 1988. He later on worked at the Air Force Base Head Quarters before his promotion as Head of Division of Ex Service Men and War Victims.

He was particularly enjoined to be resourceful and display an advanced self imagination and creativity and courage while developing the ability to listen and analyse. Constant availability, discipline and hard work were attributes he was called upon to demonstrate.

During the working session that followed at the Ayaba conference hall, the Secretary of State at the MINDEF in charge of Ex Service Men revealed that the first project which is the construction of the Head Quarters for Ex Service men has gone under way and is near completion. He also used the forum to announce his contact tour which will be organized soon.

The Ex Service men had the opportunity to raise some of their problems which included; the need for Ex Servicemen to be appointed at the state secretariat, the need for ex service men to be awarded medals especially during the National Day celebration, the position of ONACAM in the new structure, the absence of grants, and the need for burial rites to be extended to commissioned and non commissioned officers.

To these worries, the Secretary of State explained that ex Service men are considered civilians and cannot be appointed in government positions. He assured ex service men that they shall benefit from the right to be awarded medals and informed all that Administrative authorities have the responsibility to follow up and propose those to be awarded medals with the assistance of the Head of Division in charge of Ex Service Men.

With respect to ONACAM he said plans are underway to restructure the organisation which will go a long way to complement the services of the State Secretariat.

He ended by making it clear that the State Secretariat is in charge of taking care of the needs of ex service men and eleven services and three Directorates have been carved out to do this effectively. The Directorates include; the Departments of General Affairs, Memory and Remembrance and Reintegration and Assistance.

The Secretary of State in charge of Ex-Service Men and War Victims later paid a courtesy visit to the Fon of Bamendakwe after which he departed for Bafoussam for a similar ceremony.

By Francisca DIONE, North-West Region

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