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47th Youth day celebration in Bamenda
The 47th edition of the national Youth Day was based on the theme youth, civic responsibility and participation in the development process.

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Activities to mark the day began with the launching of the youth week in Babessi, Ngokentunjia division by the Minister of Youth Affairs and civic Education, Bidoung Mkpatt.
This edition of the youth day took place at the municipal Grand stand Bamenda under the watchful eyes of the Governor of the North West Region,Lele lafrique Tchoffo Deben Adolphe. The hall mark of the ceremony was the Youth Excellence Award the first to be organized in the North West Region and spearheaded by the Governor of the North West Region.

The ceremony was graced with the presence of the Chinese and French delegations, renowned artists such as X-Maleya, Njohreur .Administrative Authorities, Members of Parliament, Religious Authorities, Leaders of legalized political parties, principals, proprietors of colleges and a cross section of the population were equally present.

Upon arrival of the Governor of the North West Region, students of the University of Bamenda chanted the National Anthem with melodious voices. This was closely followed by a replay of the President of the Republic’s message to the youth in which he called on them to be morally upright and good citizens.

Close to two hundred Secondary and Primary schools, political parties and other associations took part in the march past which lasted several hours. Schools such as Educare,St.Bridgit,PSS Mankon, Sacred Heart College Mankon and a host of others performed exceedingly well during the march past .

The Youth Excellence Award which was later organized at the Municipal stadium was an occasion for outstanding figures in various fields to be recognized. They were selected based on merit and after careful scrutiny by the Excellence Award Committee headed by the Secretary General of the North West Governor’s office.

Laureates were classified in the following categories:

  • Overall best(8),
  • Higher Education( 14),
  • Secondary Education (12),
  • Basic Education (14),
  • Entrepreneurship( 2),
  • Craft work (3),
  • Livestock farmers (3),
  • Agriculture( 3),artists( 4),
  • Painting(1),
  • Traditional dance (1),
  • Film industry( 3),
  • Miss Tourism North West,
  • Sports (12)
  • And seven volunteers from the National Civic Service for Participation in Development making a total of eighty eight (88) recipients from the entire North West Region.

The ceremony had the sponsorship of MTN, Orange, Brasseries and other state figures.

Laureates received cash prizes, didactic material, mobile phones and other accessories.

In his key note address to the population, the Governor of the North West Region announced that the Youth Excellence Award will be an annual event. He encouraged all and sundry to put their best in whatever they do so as to be recognized eventually. The initiative was lauded by the President of the Cameroon National Youth Council and all present.

The guest artists roused the audience to absolute frenzy when popular pieces such as “Tchokolo” was performed by X-Maleya.The exhilarated youths did not hesitate to pose with Njohreur, Kimbi and Didier Bobgala for snap shots.

The 47th edition of the National Youth Day celebration in Bamenda would go down memory lane as the best organized event in the history of the North West Region.

By Francisca DIONE, North-West Region

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