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Launching of 2014 state budget
The PIB 2014 for the North West Region stands at 656 projects compared to 506 for 2013.

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This revelation was made by the Governor of the North West Region during a ceremony to launch the 2014 state budget. The ceremony which took place at the Bamenda Congress Hall brought together representatives from the Ministries of Finance, Economy Planning and Regional Development, Senior Divisional Officers of the region, Divisional Officers, Regional Delegates, Mayors and Economic Operators in the North West Region.

Among the twelve projects earmarked for closer administration include the renovation and construction of Divisional and Senior Divisional Offices in the region.

With regards to new infrastructure projects, the Menchum dam will be constructed within the year, many more areas will be electrified, the first phase of the Ring Road tarring; NDOP-KUMBO will be completed and council roads will be funded in all the councils with the Mayors taking over full responsibility.

The bridges over many roads such as the collapsed OLORUNTI, NTEM and those on the Bamenda –Wum road as well as the rehabilitation of the BEFANG-BENAKUMA-BAWURU road in the North West Region to LIM in the south West Region will equally be funded.

The University of Bamenda and its affiliated schools rank second with 3 billion 6 hundred and 13 million FCFA for the realization of its infrastructures amongst which feature the realization of students' residence and the construction of the laboratory and equipment of the University of Bamenda.

Education takes the third place with a total of 2 billion, 160 million FCFA for MINEDUB, MINESEC and MINRESI to support educational infrastructure while the health sector has 749 million FCFA for its infrastructure and equipment.
Concerning production, the rural sector carries the lead with MINADER 852 million, MINEPIA, 256.45 million and others to ensure employment and related exports.

The Governor of the North West Region called on all administrative forces to mobilize under government authority to appropriate and implement the new management culture based on performance initiated in the framework of the budgetary reform.

The ceremony was a forum for participants to present their worries and concerns some of which included; late payment of approved bills by the Treasury due to breakdown of computers, late payment of contractors, on mastery of program budgeting, poor execution of public contracts amongst others.

By Francisca DIONE, North-West Region

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