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48th Youth Day Celebration in Bamenda
Over three hundred schools took part in the 48th edition of the National Youth Day celebration in Bamenda.

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The event which was presided over by the Governor of the North West Region was celebrated under the theme “Youth, Patriotism and the Promotion of National Integration”.

The event began with a relay of the President of the Republic's message to the youths which was closely followed by a march past.

The event was later crowned with the second edition of the Youth Excellence Award which took place at the newly constructed youth week village at Mile 3.

A youth receiving his prize handled by the Governor

The Youth Week village was an opportunity to recognize and reward some youths who excelled in Higher, Secondary, Basic, Vocational and Civic education, entrepreneurship, painting, printing, craftwork, livestock farming, artists, literary arts, cinematography and sports giving a total of 36 laureates in the various disciplines. The prizes comprised of cash prizes from the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and Head of Government, The Ministers of Secondary and Basic Education, Mandela Prize and Yong Francis prize.

The youths were later thrilled by renowned artist Petit Pays et Les Sans Visas for close to three hours as well as some local artists such as Richard Kings.

By Francisca DIONE, North-West Region

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