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Workshop on drinking water and sanitation in rural areas
The Governor of the North-West Region has urged mayors to jealously manage and preserve the executed structures likewise finalise the ongoing works of the African Development Bank.

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The representative of the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Mr FOMEFRET Victor, expressed his gratitude to the African Development Bank, ADB, for partnering with Local Authorities in the fight against health hazard and for the significant changes in the sanitation of water supply of 28 localities of the North-West Region.

For the Governor Adolphe LELE LAFRIQUE, that ceremony was of prime importance as it helped understood the objectives of the project for drinking water and sanitation in rural Areas and above all appreciated the rate of realization. While expressing the warmest gratitude of the North-West population to the ADB, the Governor made a plea that the ADB continues to improve the living conditions of the population.

By Eudoxie KOMLAYO, North-West Region

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