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Field visit in MBESA
Governor LELE LAFRIQUE has assured the people of BOYO and BUI Divisions that a person from MBESA can own land in OKU, and vice versa provided they have land titles.

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The visit was an exercise to install the Regional Committee in charge of the materialization of the demarcation lines between the villages of MBESA and OKU, respectively in the OYO and BUI Divisions. Though resolution measures started since 2007 with the then Governor putting in place Provincial Boundary Commission, Governor LELE LAFRIQUE then presented and installed this Commission and exhausted them to exercise their mission with honesty and impartiality: fasten the process so as to relief the population of the two villages of the sufferings they have endured.

Governor congratulates the members of the Committee after their installation and presentation.

The traditional Rulers and Mayors of both villages used the occasion to thank the Governor for his gesture in concretizing the materialization of boundary decision taken nine years back by the then authority, Governor KUMPA ISSA. In the welcome addresses they craved for peace, unity, progress and development among the two brotherly related villages.

After the meeting which was highly attended by natives and local authorities at the MBESA Community Hall, the technical sub-committee proceeded for a field visit under the supervision of the DOs for BELO and OKU.

By Kenneth NAKENTOH, North-West Region

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