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130th International Labour Day Celebration
The North West Region has observed the 130th International celebration of the Labour Day under the distinguished patronage of the NW Governor LELE LAFRIQUE.

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This year's celebration did not only involve its main activity, which is match-pass, but also involved a sketch performed by Actors Guild, singing of the solidarity song to show the oneness of workers, decoration of workers with labour medals by the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, and the award of Trophies to the winners of the female and male football competitions by the SDO for Mezam and the Governor of NWR respectively.

The celebration was done under the theme:"The Social Responsibility of Enterprises and Trade Unions in the Promotion of Decent Work". Dueling on the subject, the President of Trade Union Federations and Confederations of Mezam Division said when work is decent; it is attractive, excellent and completely fulfilling. According to him, it calls on the employer to exercise equal opportunities for employees, void of family ties and other discriminating factors.

Civilian parade on the ceremonial ground

The Governor on expanding on the issue said work considered decent is done under conditions of equity, impartiality, liberty and conviviality, not leaving out the respect of international laws and better remuneration. He did not fail to congratulate the newly elected staff representative and exhorted them to discharge their duties faithfully and be exemplary in their actions.

The match-pass which was the last but important and lengthy activity of the day was done according to established order. This saw many companies, Government and private institutions, trade unionists, travel agencies, media houses just to name but these, participate in the match-pass activity by the Grandstand.

By Kenneth NAKENTOH, North-West Region

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