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Inauguration of multimedia centers in Bamenda
The Governor has inaugurated two multimedia and videoconference centers in Bamenda and has equally launched the campaign to fight against STDs-HIV/AIDS in school milieus.

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The twin ceremony, which is an initiative of the First Lady, Chantal BIYA, founder of CIRCB (Centre International de Reference "Chantal Biya") ties with the UN's goal for the 2016-2020 horizon, which is, "zero new infections with HIV, zero discrimination and zero new deaths related to HIV".

The cutting of the symbolic ribbons to inaugurate the multimedia and videoconference centers was done at FCB Ecole des Champions - Up Station and P.S.S Mankon. Then, the launching ceremony was done at the Bamenda Congress Hall and greatly attended by teachers, pupils and richly intermeddled with musical displays by artists like Richard Kings and Chilly.

Talking at the ceremony, the General Coordinator of the Program in the "Chantal BIYA" International Reference Center, madam JAJI MBAH Rose sited the target population to be 5.500.000 pupils and youths from Nursery through primary and post primary education levels as well as 130.000 teachers, seeing that 71% of the 35 million people worldwide living with HIV are from black Africa as per the 2013 estimates. 

The event noted the symbolic handing of the "Social Vaccine" to those in-charge of the different links or shackles of the education council.

Taking the cue, the Governor of the North-Zest Region emphasized on the first lady's intentions to produce pedagogic manuals on a large scale, saying it is for sensitization campaigns in all Divisions and Sub-Divisions and why not the Central African sub-regions. He equally called on the would-be installed Management Committees to judiciously make use of the highly equipped multimedia video-tele centers offered to them.

By Kenneth NAKENTOH, North-West Region

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