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Bamenda celebrates the 44th National Day
The North West Region has joined the entire nation in celebrating the 44th edition of the National Day.

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In the city of Bamenda and its close environs, it was done under the distinguished patronage of the NW Governor LELE LAFRIQUE Adolphe at the Bamenda Grandstand, Commercial Avenue.

This year's edition was celebrated under the theme: "Defense Forces and Dynamic Forces of the Nation, together to combat Terrorism and preserve Peace and Territorial Integrity". During the event, 93 persons were decorated with medals of Honour by the Governor and the Senior Divisional Officer for MEZAM Mr. SONGA Rene Pierre. Amongst those decorated were some Elites of the Region, Regional Delegates, members of the Police and Arm Forces and others.

Souvenir picture with the recipients

The match-pass which was next, was done according to established order; the military parade, including Forces of Law and Order, schools from Primary to the Universities, Political Parties as well as Civil Society groups and Unions.

Even if an unexpected heavy rain invited itself during match-past of schools, this did not stop them from "demonstrating their patriotism in forging ahead under the rains": Said the Governor. He added that this mobilization of the population of the North-West is to support those Forces fighting against terrorism and maintaining peace in Cameroon and showing the Arm Force's capability to give their support the entire nation in fighting against terrorism and protecting the integrity of citizens and the country. Upon wishing to the entire Region a happy celebration, he did not fail to congratulate the said Arm Forces, Institutions, political parties and civil societies for their participation in the success of the celebration.

The celebration ended with a Gala Night at the Congress Hall offered by the Governor and wife.

By Kenneth NAKENTOH, North-West Region

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