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Government to take care of the assaulted student
Interview of the Director of the Regional Hospital of Bamenda about the situation of Mrs ANYERE Chatelle.

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Government bankrolls health bills of 17 year-old girl.

The social media spread the information on Monday 5th May, 2017 to the effect that a student had been butchered in the neighbourhood of GBHS Ntamulung, Bamenda. The Principal of GBHS Ntamulung, Patrick NKWENTI later confirmed that the student was on  her way to school with two others for revision classes ahead of the 2017 session of the GCE examinations when she was assaulted before being rushed to the Bamenda Regional hospital.

It is against this backdrop that, Cameroon Tribune met the  Director of the Bamenda Regional hospital on May 6th, 2017 for updates on the situation of the student. Excerpts:

Could we have details about the assaulted student, hospitalized in the Bamenda Regional hospital?

Perhaps, I should begin by saying that her general condition is good. The 17  year-old ANYERE Chatelle is a student of GBHS Ntamulung . We got it that she was on her way to school with some friends in the morning of Monday, May 5th to read in preparation ahead of the 2017 GCE  Ordinary level examinations when suddenly some  masked people on a motorcycle appeared and started inflicting wounds on her using a machet. They inflicted three deep wounds on her upper hand which caused a fracture of the radial bone.

We received her in the hospital at about 9 am. We did X-rays  and proceeded with proper dressing. We observed her and she was stable up to the morning of Tuesday, May 6th,2017 when she was evacuated to the Mbingo hospital to meet a bone Surgeon for necessary bone surgery.

How serious is the situation?

We hope she will recover fully because her wounds are not life threatening and they are wounds that will not  even affect her beauty. There is no fear for her life, even esthetically.

Let me use the opportunity to thank the Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s office, Minister, Prof. GHOGOMU Paul MINGO who sent word that the government will handle all the bills in the Bamenda  Regional  hospital and Mbingo Baptist hospital.

The message has been transmitted to the  family of the student and both the student and parents have extended gratitude . The gesture is relieving to the family.

By Choves LOH, Cameroon Tribune

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