Rumours over the last 20th may honorific decorations

Rumours have been circulating of late in the national media and in social networks that the Governor of the North-West Region attributed an honorary distinction to a citizen having issues with the law,

In connection thereto,

The Governor of the North West Region informs the general public that this information is unfounded as the concerned MUNGWE Zacheus FORJINDAM, born on the 31 December 1961 in Santa is a Sub-officer of the Cameroonian Air Force serving at the "Battaillon des Fusiliers Commandos de l'Armée de l'Air" (BAFUSCOAIR) in Bamenda.

Senior Warrant Officer (Adjudant Chef) MUNGWE Zacheus FORJINDAM who is simply a namesake of the other, was out on official duty on the 20th of May will be awarded his medal subsequently during a public ceremony.

The Governor