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Radio Communique No 004/RC/E/GO/SERCOM of the 11th April 2019

The Governor of the North-West wishes to inform the entire population of the Region in particular and National opinion in general that information has been circulating on the social media in the recent days of a purported military raid carried-out in Meluf village, Kumbo Subdivision, Bui Division of the North-West Region on the 4th of April leading to civilian casualties.

In reaction thereto, the Governor wishes to state that such information is completely false and intended to throw discredit on the genuine efforts made by Government through the Administrative Authorities, Defense and Security Forces and all other stakeholders of good will for the much desired return to normalcy in the Region.

The population is however informed that after the putting in place of the Disarmament Demobilization and the Reinsertion Programme by the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul BIYA and the numerous calls for the misguided and misled secessionist fighters to lay down their arms; these calls have been heeded to by some but many armed separatist groups have ignored same and continue to attack the Forces and commit atrocities against innocent civilians. As a result, the Security and Defense Forces have resolved to stepping up targeted military and security operations on well identified and localized secessionists hideouts.

It is worth mentioning that these operations are carried out with precision and professionalism and the Governor hereby calls for the total and unflinching support and collaboration of the population that remains the principal beneficiary of the battery of measures put in place to accelerate the process of return to the normalcy in the North-West Region.

Finally, the users of social media in the Region are hereby called upon to exercise restraint as to the content of the information that is circulated on such platforms so as to give a chance for the most cherished peace, security and stability that we all advocate for in the North-West region in particular and our beloved Nation Cameroon in general.

The Governor counts on the high sense of civic responsibility and the patriotic commitment of all North-Westerners.

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