Below are all the official announcements of the North-West Region.
  • 23/05/2016
    [General Announcements]
    Rumours over the last 20th may honorific decorations
    Rumours have been circulating of late in the national media and in social networks that the Governor of the North-West Region attributed an honorary d...
  • 17/05/2016
    [Radio Communique]
    National Medals of Honour May 2016
    The Governor of the North West Region wishes to inform the the personalities whose name are in the file attached to this announcement that have been r...
  • 11/05/2016
    [General Announcements]
    2016 Competitive Entrance Examinations into ENAM
    The Governor of the North-West region reminds the general public that, the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform has launched six (6) C...
  • 11/02/2016
    [General Announcements]
    Address of the Head of State to the Youth
    Mes chers jeunes compatriotes,C'est toujours pour moi, un moment important de m'adresser à vous, à l'occasion de la célébration de la Fête Nation...
  • 08/02/2016
    [General Announcements]
    Programme of the 2016 edition of the National Youth Week
    Click here to download the programme of activities marking the celebration of the 50th edition of the youth  week in Bamenda....
  • 28/10/2015
    [General Announcements]
    2015 Admissibility Entrance HTTTC Bambili
    Click on the link below to access to the 2015 Admissibility entrance results for HTTTC BAMBILI, University of Bamenda.
  • 08/09/2015
    [Radio Communique]
    Press Release about the 2015 Hadj
    Find here attached, the Press Released N° 00000106/CRP/MINATD/SG issued by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, bearing o...
  • 05/09/2015
    [General Announcements]
    Programme of the Monitoring of the effectiveness of the taking off of the 2015/2016 School Year
    The programme of the Governor's monitoring of effective take-off of 2015/2016 School Year scheduled on Monday the 7th September is presented as follow...
  • 20/08/2014
    [General Announcements]
    Ban on heavy duty vehicles from plying the bridge over Mafeme River(Mile 36 Bafut)
    The Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum Division hereby informs the general public and especially Drivers/Owners of vehicles weighing 3.5 tons and a...
  • 06/08/2014
    [Radio Communique]
    Irregular absence of M. NGEA Daniel, A1 BOYO
    The Senior Divisional Officer for BOYO Division request Mr. NGEA Daniel, 1st Assistant SDO for BOYO Division who has been absent from his duty post si...
  • 29/07/2014
    [Radio Communique]
    Death of the D.O of BELO Subdivision
    The Senior Divisional Officier for BOYO Division profoundly regrets to announce the death of Mr. EKWEDEBONG Gideon SAME, Divisional Officer of BELO Su...
  • 16/07/2014
    [General Announcements]
    Programme of the ceremony of handing over of gifts by CERAC in Wum
    08.00 am : Arrival of populations08.30 am : Arrival of guests09.30 am : Arrival of Administrative Authorities09.45 am : Arrival of CERAC Delegation09....
  • 16/05/2014
    [Radio Communique]
    Traditional Rulers against Wild Poliovirus
    As part of strengthening Government's commitment to stop the ongoing circulation of wild poliovirus in our contry, the President of the National Coun...
  • 28/02/2014
    [General Announcements]
    Program of the training seminar for the Mayors
    See attached the program of the training seminar for the Mayors, Secretary Generals and Municipal Treasurers of the North-West Region, that shall be&n...
  • 19/02/2014
    [Radio Communique]
    Direct Competitive Examinations in Penitentiary Administration
    The Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals announces for the interest of young Cameroonians of both sex, the launching of the dir...
  • 31/01/2014
    [General Announcements]
    Death Announcement : SAB Syprenne
    The Governor of the North West Region regrets to announce the death of the Regional Coordinator of PNDP, Mr TANYI BAN Syprene SAB, at the Bamenda Regi...
  • 30/01/2014
    [General Announcements]
    Funeral Program of Pa YONG
    The funeral ceremonies of Pa YONG, shall be according to the attached program.
  • 24/01/2014
    [General Announcements]
    The Cameroon Army recruits!
    Army and GendarmeryAll young cameroonians of both sex willing to work within the Forces of Defence, are informed that an examination for the...
  • 23/01/2014
    [Annonce Générale]
    Program of the Regional CCA January 2014
    09:00 a.m.: Arrival of Mayors and Divisional Officers, Mezam at the Conference Hall09:10 a.m.: Arrival of Regional Delegates and other invited g...
  • 20/01/2014
    [Radio Communique]
    Seminar organized by the MINATD
    The Governor of the North West Region requests all Mayors, First Deputy Mayors, Secretary Generals of councils and Municipal Treasurers of the North W...
  • 18/12/2013
    [General Announcements]
    All with Yong Sport Academy
    The Governor of the North West Region invites all North Westerners especially those in Bamenda and Yaounde and interested fans of Yong Sports Academy ...
  • 14/12/2013
    [General Announcements]
    Meeting with all the Divisional Delegates of Transport of the NWR
    The Regional Delegate of Transport for the North-West Region invites all the Divisional Delegates of Transport for an urgent meeting on Monday 16th De...
  • 20/11/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Message of appreciation from the Governor
    The Governor of the North-West Region, Considering the peaceful and hitch-free organisation of the September 30th, 2013 Municipal and Legislative Ele...
  • 20/11/2013
    [General Announcements]
    World Philosophy Day
    The North-West Region shall join the International Community to celebrate the World Philosophy Day the 21st November 2013 in GBHS Bali, MEZAM Division...
  • 18/11/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Seminar on conflict management
    The Governor of the North West Region hereby invites all Divisional Officers in the seven divisions of the North West Region to a three day seminar on...
  • 18/11/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Death of Ardo AMADU
    The Divisional Officer, MBVEN Subdivision, BUI Division announces the death of Ardo AMADU BI KASHIA at age of 73 which occurred on the 10th October 20...
  • 18/11/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Circulation of fake and fraudulent receipt(depots)
    My attention has been drawn to the fact that fake and fraudulent deposit receipts(depots) have been discovered in circulation in the hands of users(no...
  • 11/11/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Envisaged 2nd and 3rd rounds of vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis
    The Governor of the North-West Region hereby would like to inform the general public that some local vaccination campaigns against the Poliomyelitis s...
  • 08/11/2013
    [General Announcements]
    International Day of Persons Living with Disabilities : Appeal Letter
    In view of activities marking the celebrations of the 22nd edition of the International Day of Person Living with Disabilities on the 3rd of December ...
  • 26/10/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Seminar on The Practice of Stores Accounting in Public Administrations
    The Minister of Finance has the honour to invite the agents charged with the follow-up of stores accounting operations of the North-West Region to att...
  • 17/10/2013
    [Exam results]
    Results of the 20th august session exams in agricultural schools
    Communiqué N° 00050/MINADER/SG/DEFACC/CPEF concerning the results in the examination entrance exams in the state agricultural schools in Camero...
  • 04/10/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Death of Helen NDENKEH PEYEYELELE in Russia
    The Governor of the North West Region has the honour to invite Mr. Joseph NDENKEH TAMBOU, who lives in Bamenda or one of his closest relatives, to com...
  • 18/09/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Professional Scholarship Award Scheme
    The Governor of the North-West Region informs the general public and especially youths selected within the framework of the Cameroon National Youth Co...
  • 18/09/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Anti Human Trafficking Task Force Meeting
    The Governor of the North West Region invites all the members of the Anti-Human Trafficking task force to an important meeting on Wednesday the 18th o...
  • 23/08/2013
    [General Announcements]
    Working visit of MINRESI in the NWR
    The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Mrs Madeleine TCHUINTE shall proceed on a working visit in the North West Region from the 27th t...
  • 09/08/2013
    [General Announcements]
    MINATD represents the Head of State in BAMENDA
    The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Mr. SADI Rene Emmanuel, will represent the Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA in...
  • 05/08/2013
    [General Announcements]
    Inauguration of some MCT by MINPOSTEL
    His Excellency Jean Pierre BIYITI BI ESSAM, Minister of Posts and Telecomunications, will preside over the inauguration ceremonies of some Multipurpos...
  • 18/07/2013
    [General Announcements]
    Inauguration of the Parcours Vita of Bamenda by MINDEF
    The Minister Delegate of the Presidency in charge of Defence will preside over the launching ceremony of the Parcours Vita of Bamenda on behalf of H.E...
  • 12/06/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Abandonment of duty of NDIPEWAH MBU'U
    The Regional Delegate of Mines, Industry and Technological Development for the North-West requests Miss NDIPEWAH MBU'U, Matricule Number 754 567 - M ...
  • 05/06/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Meeting of the RDP/NW steering committee
    The Governor of  the North West Region announces to the general public that he will preside over the next steering committee of RDP/NW (Rural Dev...
  • 28/05/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Partnership agreement between PIAASI and Bamenda I and III Councils
    The Governor of the North West Region hereby informs the general public that the solemn ceremony for the concretization of partnership agreement betwe...
  • 05/03/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Regional Launching of the 2013 Edition of the Open Door for Technical Schools
    The Governor of the North-West Region announces that he will personnally preside over the ceremony of the Regional Launching of the 2013 Edition of th...
  • 23/02/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Postponment of installation of Regional Delegate of Public Contracts
    The Governor of the North West Region regrets to inform the under mentioned personalities that the installation ceremony of the pioneer Regional Deleg...
  • 23/02/2013
    [Radio Communique]
    Rehabilitation of the Yaounde-Bafoussa-Bamenda road
    Within the framework of the construction and rehabilitation of the road network and mindful of the instructions of the Head of State, President Paul B...
  • 21/02/2013
    [General Announcements]
    Radio announcement from AES Sonel
    AES SONEL Provincial Delegation for the North West announces the interruption of electricity supply in the entire North West Region, Manyu Division an...
  • 13/12/2012
    [Radio Communique]
    Construction of Japanese primary schools
    The Governor of the North West Region hereby makes public the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of Japanese primary schools in the N...
  • 03/12/2012
    [Radio Communique]
    Closing ceremony for the training of 717 volunteers
    Within the framework of creating employment and ensuring civic responsibility and patriotism amongst youths, the Governor of the North West Region her...